Construction Recruitment

Thanks for your interest in working with EIR GROUP. To work for EIR, you must complete our registration and attend our office for an interview.

Our registration process has five simple steps.Picture3mod

  1. Enter you basic contact details so we can start the process
  2. You will be asked a some basic questions relating to your knowledge and experience. Based on your responses, you may be invited to continue on to Register with EIR GROUP. However, we may also deem that you are not suited, and therefore your application will end. Please note, if you do not yet have an OHS Card (White Card), we cannot accept your application.
  3. If you are invited to continue, you will complete our Application Questions, which relate to your personal details that enable us to employ you legally
  4. You will then move on to our OHS/WHS induction, a very important part of the process that prepares you to work safely on construction sites.
  5. Final step is our brief Safety Quiz

Your full application will then be reviewed by our staff, and based on your responses, our staff will conduct and interview with you, and provide you with an Employee Pack, that gets you ready to start work with us!

If you are completing this application outside our office and require assistance, then call us on  (02) 8355 2424.



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