Job Briefs

Below are some super helpful links to help you understand more about your job role, what is involved and what your rights are!

Click or Tap HERE and scroll down to the job you are looking for!


This will tell you:

  • What your role involves – The job description
  • What PPE is required – What you need to wear on the job
  • What Award you are covered by – What your rights are regarding your pay, overtime and the hours you should work
  • Your working environment – What you might be exposed to or be around whilst on the job


National Awards

We work across lots of different industries. The award you are covered by will depend upon which industry you are working in. You will be able to find out which award you are covered by in the table from the link above. Once you know that, have a look at the list below. Click on your award and it will take you to the official government award – this will tell you everything you need to know about your rights!


FairWork Information Statement

Click or Tap HERE to find out about the conditions of your employment.


National Employment Standards

Click or Tap HERE to see the National Employment Standards put in place by FairWork Australia.