Our Featured Employees

We are really proud of the team we have, and wanted to share bio’s of some of our best workers


  • Derek is a BIG strong guy, he has done welding and mechanical engineering, civil works, general construction and demolition labouring .He has a great work attitude. Whenever he goes out to a job, the site manager calls us within a few hours demanding that he stays on that site!
  •  Gary is a qualified bricklayer with tools, been qualified 4 years. He has extensive experience on sites in Ireland, and while working in Australia, is happy to be a “grafter” as he puts it. Our clients quickly notice his ability to take on more technical work and work autonomously, which is a great help for busy site managers.
  •  Antonio is a hoist operator with one year’s hoist experience. He also has a blue traffic control ticket and over 5 years experience in construction. Antonio gets great feedback from sites – he is well liked on site, and always willing to take on extra duties.
  • Ashley has over 5 years experience in construction. He has significant experience working as a trade assistant for a carpenter, which enables him to understand how best he can work with trades to make their job easier. He also has experience  labouring for scaffolders, installing kitchens and doing renovations.
  •  David – David is a plumber by trade, with around 10 years experience. He has worked with EIR for the past 1 year whilst on his working holiday. Our bathroom renovation clients and plumbing clients really like having David work with them, due to his trade background they are able to ask him to take care of jobs that normally a labourer wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge to do.


  •  Cian  is a very good carpenter. He does a lot of first and second fix, detailed finishing work and carving. Cian’s been with EIR for around 5 years, and mostly works long-term on commercial fit outs and quality residential home builds. He is well liked and gets on with the job, no fuss.
  •  Enda is a good carpenter, very good at roofing, first and second fix. Enda has been with EIR for around 5 years, and normally stays long-term with a build. Customer’s always comment on Enda’s attention to detail and quality work.
  •  Barry is a very experienced, highly detailed carpenter. He is particularly good at first and second fix, and fine finishing work. Barry also has a scissor lift and asbestos removal ticket.

Traffic Controllers

  •  Cherilie has many, many years of experience as a traffic controller. She has Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange tickets and has also worked as an  RMS traffic control auditor. She is very knowledgeable, reliable and great at her job.
  •  Joel has 15 + years experience as a traffic controller and a labourer. Joe has Blue/Yellow TC tickets and Forklift. He is reliable and he is a nice guy. Joe’s one of those traffic controllers who is happy to help cleaning the site, pushing a broom while waiting for truck deliveries.