Apply to Work with EIR

Lots of work and great pay

We have 5 – 6 days a week of work available for skilled and experienced construction workers – so get yourself set up with us and start work tomorrow!

Access our online application by clicking on the link below – it should only take you around 5-10 minutes to do.

Our recruitment specialist will then take a quick look at your application, and if everything looks good, we will invite you in for a final chat to get you ready to start work the very next day!

If you have any issues at all completing the online part, we can get you to come into the office and give you a hand. Or, give us a call on 8355 2424.

Please note, if you are applying for construction labourer or any trades jobs, you must have at least 5 years experience in that area. Our offer of getting you to start work the next day only stands if you genuinely have the right experience.