Download Timesheet here

Want to get paid on time? Take note of these important steps!

 – Pay week runs from MONDAY to SUNDAY

–  Pay day is around noon on FRIDAY’s

–  Timesheets must be submitted via email to pay@eirgroup.com.au by 9am each Tuesday morning in order to be processed that week.

– Every shift must be signed by your site supervisor, or it will not be paid.  Please remember NO SIGNATURE = NO PAY  so get it signed!

– Please put your name on your timesheet!

– Timesheets with shifts longer than 21 days ago may result in delayed payment to you as we seek our customer approval.



  • This option is to be used for only specified customers (you will be told if you need to submit electronically)
  • LOG IN HERE to submit your timesheet electronically. Your username will be your firstname.lastname eg paul.smith and your password has been sent to your email (you can reset it by clicking forgot password on login page)