Verifying Hours Worked

Our shift approvals process offers three types of approvals, which are selected based on worker and approver preference

Shift Location Data Verification – the easiest option

  • Our intelligent app captures the GPS coordinates (location) of the worker’s phone from when they tap “start” to commence their shift, and every x minutes during their shift until the worker taps “stop”. The timer only captures time when the worker’s phone is within x metres of the registered workplace address.
  • Your registered approver will be sent the summary shift details via email immediately after the worker “stops” their shift in their app, giving your approver at least 48 hours to comment, edit or reject the hours. If the approver makes no comment, the shift will be auto approved and paid.
  • You are provided with a PDF document displaying the map and GPS coordinates table as evidence of the worker’s shift

Shift Verification SMS Approval

  • In situations where GPS is not available, the worker can manually enter their start and finish time into their app. They can do this daily or weekly. Once they have entered their hours, they pass their phone to the registered approver of the workplace, who then enters a one-off SMS pin code that has been sent to the registered approvers phone. The code and phone number approval is provided to you as evidence of signoff by your approver
  • You are provided with a PDF document displaying a table of the approvers mobile that received the PIN, and the PIN received as evidence of the completed approval

Shift Verification Email Approval

  • In situations where the approver prefers email to SMS pin code, they can opt to have the hours sent to them via email, and can approve over email. The approval is time and date stamped and this evidence is provided to you.
  • You are provided with a PDF document displaying a copy of the email sent by us to the registered approver requesting approval, and the response from the approver as evidence of the completed approval